Elevate hospitality for your industry with robot staff

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Do double duty. Work wisely with Workwise

Boost ratings by improving every customer touchpoint: from check-in, room service and housekeeping, check-out.
Staff Your Team
Increase average ticket sale by enabling your staff to spend more time with customers, while robot staff handles the heavy-lifting tasks.
Staff Your Team
Boost sales and promotions by improving the shopping and check-out experience. Deliver the “wow” factor that builds customer loyalty.
Staff Your Team
Offer a truly differentiated experience to your tenants with robots that handle check-in, cleaning, order deliveries, and more.
Staff Your Team

All the ingredients for exceptional hospitality

Robots streamline workloads, allowing your staff to focus on elevating the guest experience

Staff service robots for as low as $.30/hr for a 12mo term*

Spend more time building brand loyalty with guests

Delight guests with your speed to deliver top service
Inspire and empower top talent with the skills of the future